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i made it!

so, i finally made it to NC. gah, what a trip. the plane was delayed leaving stockholm so i missed my connection flight from newark (NJ) to charlotte (NC) and there were no seats left on the planes during the evening so i had to stay a night in NJ. hmpf. my love had to stay in a hotel in charlotte since she was suppose to pick me up and it's about a 2.5 hour ride from the airport to home. anyway. i decided to get on a plane EARLY in the morning (monday morning american time) and land in charlotte at 8 am. well, that plane was delayed too. gaaaaah. i just wanted to get here. but it was only like an hour and i was able to hug my love around 9 monday morning after been traveling for 31 hours in total. my love was off from work and we just hung out, ate lunch and got my new computer!!! YAY, finally! it's a macbook pro 13" - the new version and i love it. haven't been able to play around that much yet, but will today!

it's 7.30 am and i just finished breakfast. my love is at work and i decided to stay home and just relax (and play with my computer..hee hee). i was at work/school yesterday and i actually worked some. yep. i was a proctor (it's a volunteer who's helping out with the students' exams). so i was basically handing out papers while my love was reading instructions. then my mission was sort of to walk around some every now and then to check on the students.

oh, went to the movies yesterday afternoon. sex and the city 2 and we were the only ones watching it that time. it shows like 8 times a day or something. was pretty cool and the movie was ok. not amazing, but ok. love to see all their clothes. it's so colorful.

what else? hmm. gonna work on the new website. just takes some time. have alot to do for our coming wedding party too. music playlists. pictures to fix. food lists to go through and other things. yeah.
well, that's an update for now. now: coffee and creamer. YEAH.


a message

"happy american mother's day, mamma! i miss you and i can't wait till you rub your face on my furry tummy and snuggle with me all over. it's been a long time, but i'll see you soon!! gonna go bother mom now. hehe. think i'll try to climb a door and get outside...she gets so upset about that, but i'm just givin her a hard time. i know you'd like that! anyway...you are the best mamma a cat could have and i knew it when you came to see me at pet harmony. i knew you would be perfect and amazing, that we would be the perfect family.

i love you, mamma. you're the best!

/your little girl, zola"

bye USA and hey Sweden.

The trees are changing color big time here which means that time is running and I have to leave the States (for this time). I can't find words to describe how sad I am leaving my love here. At the same time I'm glad to see friends and family in Sweden. It's all mixed. My soul is crying today and I'm letting myself feel that way. I belong together with my love and it's unfair that the laws are separating us.

The departure from NC is tomorrow morning (Sunday) and I will arrive in Sweden early Monday morning. So no updates until then..

my parents are here..

..and we started the trip to visit Raleigh. Did some shopping and then, the next day, went to atlantic beach = warm weather and sun, me like. A few pics from the first days for my parents here in NC:

My parents brought some candy = Lina is happy!

Some shopping in Raleigh.

We went out on the boat the first evening at the beach.

They (probably the people who wanted to take a part of it) had a kite competition the next day. We checked it out.

A big wave came and we were in shock..hee hee.

Still in shock or trying to pose?

It's a CRAZY Thursday

Yes, it feels like it's a mix of everything today. Going to a funeral and then later on we're heading to Charlotte and the airport to pick up my parents! They've been to NYC for some days and are now gonna spend a week here in North Carolina. Woo hoo, I'm excited to show them around here!

We're tonight heading to Raleigh and staying over the night. Perhaps gonna visit The State Fair during Friday and for sure some shopping at the big mall close to the hotel. YAY. I have, as you've seen (link & link), a list of things I want to buy before I'm leaving the States. We'll spend the weekend at the beach house and will head back to Asheville on Sunday for some days here. Yep, that's how the plans are now.

Now: clean the apartment, finish the packing and take a shower.

By the way! The Swedish Lutheran Church voted today YES for homosexual people to get married in the church! Go Sweden!

a beautiful day

we decided to get some starbucks and spend the afternoon outside in the beautiful weather.

a friend to lean on

some good stuff

♥ i am so in love

♥ i'm glad my parents arrived safely in New York and they are coming here on thursday. woo hoo.

♥ zola (the cat) is so in a cozy/snuggeling mood. i love it.

♥ it's sunny and pretty cold out. some fallish weather (even though it's gonna be around 75 on wednesday).

♥ i've started to write some more on my paper. f i n a l l y.

it feels like a pretty good day today.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

My cousin Julia wrote about the movie on her blog (link) in February and my love and I have wanted to see it since then. Well, we've seen the movie several times in different stores but never ended to buy it until the other day. It was so cheap and we couldn't let it be this time! We bought it watched it yesterday and we loved it! So for those who haven't seen it, it's a good one and I recommend it warmly. Info about it at imdb.com here and pic from the same website.

last night (football game) in pics

The home side!

Introduction with Michael Jackson theme.


Who's becoming the homecoming queen?

A happy but cold Lina.

Preparations for the homecoming dance.

More preparations..

(we lost, big time).

Gooooo RAMS!

I'm going to the homecoming football game tonight. Yay!
Ready and dressed in right colors (blue and grey).

i think the trees are talking.

new design

love to change the design here. yep, here is a new one as you can see.
the articles (writing a paper out of 10 articles) are screaming now so they probably want some attention. anyway. gonna study some and later on watch grey's at m and js' place. oh, yeah. love it. (#1).

the cat wants to snuggle. love it. (#2). gosh, it's so rainy and grey outside and i want to eat some chocolate. is that connected? don't think so. but it would be yummy.

ps. big craving for some shopping. some more fall clothes would be nice.

downtown asheville and thirsty monk

some pics from yesterday afternoon/evening. i've by the way eaten the best pizza ever (no pic of that though)! 10 food points. big time.

today's Lina.

the cape lookout lighthouse

we have spent the weekend at the beach and been a part of the 150th anniversary celebration of the cape lookout lighthouse. but i will let the pics talk instead.

don't know why..

but i haven't been in the mood to write here at all lately. sort of weird, but ok. so, as my love wrote (link), we are back in the apartment and i haven't seen the mouse yet. think it's totally gone. phu.

it's friday and we are off to the beach this afternoon. yeah. love it there. the ocean. beaches. boats. good food. cozy house. warm weather. yes. we are gonna be a part of the 150th anniversary of the cape lookout lighthouse (a celebration/reception-dinner) for people who are related to the lighthouse - the lighthouse keepers. since my love's great great great grandfather (or something like that) was a lighthouse keeper there, we are invited. gonna be fun.

- pics at the lighthouse from google images (here)
- short info from wikipedia about cape lookout (here)

pics from august this year

i'm alive!

haven't been writing here much at all lately (duh.) and right now i'm exhausted and will "write" in the lazy way = my love has described everything amazingly well on her blog so check it out here!

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