Train ride

Sitting on the train now having free wireless Internet, me like. I'm a little bit irritated though. Had prepared some vegetarian BBQ food for tonight and forgot it in the fridge at home. Good job Lina. But perhaps it was meant to happen? You do the analyze. Anyway, heading for Uppsala now and I'm excited!!

a short trip!

Going on a short trip now, will be back in town tomorrow night.

See ya´.

over and out.


Have had an awesome AND adventurous time in the south. HOT weather, sunny and clear blue sky, palm trees all over and warm clear water. Yay. We decided to not go home until yesterday and took a detour instead too. Me like.

some pics. [don't copy without asking me]

Cocoa Beach, FL - our first real stop in Florida

Miami, FL

Downtown Miami, FL

The Keys (Can't remember which Key since we "just stopped there")

Key West, FL

Key West

Key West

Key West, FL

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Jag tävlar!

För första gången i mitt liv tävlar jag utifrån en blogg - Engla's Showroom tillsammans med Airtours lottar ut en weekendresa för 2 värde 10 000:- och 24 andra vinnare får presentkort på 500:-

Jag och min älskade skulle vilja åka på en weekendresa till Paris - kärlekens stad och vem vet, kanske fira något alldeles särskilt!

heading to the states

Yes, I am on my way now! Departure tomorrow morning.


Been traveling a lot this week. Left the States Monday lunch, went to Östersund on Tuesday, left for Uppsala on Wednesday afternoon and that's where I'm now. Will go back to Östersund on Monday and then leave for Norrköping on Wednesday before I am heading back to the States (which will be about a week later). Gaaaah. So much travel. Just want to be in my home in the States now. But soon..Mmm. That's my home and where I belong right now in my life.

A snowy and COLD Östersund

Sunset in Uppsala

- - -

Love it.

Denmark - Sweden - USA

Last night in Denmark...
- Had coffee at Frank A (ate the best chocolate cake EVER!)
- Eat dinner with A (my friend I'm staying with)
- Watch the last DVD of "Anne of Green Gables"
- Hopefully have time to color my hair

Tomorrow is my last day at work...feeling really sad about it but I am at the same time soooooo excited to see my love again...First a short stop in Sweden to pack some, see my newborn niece, and spend some quality time with my family (yes, around midnight...hehe). Early Saturday morning....gosh, REALLy early, I am heading to the airport. Woo hoo! A lot of traveling the coming days.

X2000 train in Sweden


over 'n out.