love it, big time!

the season of the show "Svenska Hollywoodfruar" is over (a reality show about rich swedish women in CA)..but my favorite of them all is continuing with a blog AND a webcamera. i freaking love it and it's making me smile, big time.

thanks maria montazami for making the blog world so much more filled with laughter. love it.

check it out here.

pic from here.

gaaaah. freaking out a little.

gosh. i'm graduating pretty soon which means it's about time to look for a job.
and i'm (we're) starting a new chapter in my (our) life/lives. yay!
i'm so excited and freaked out at the same time.

gonna continue digging in to this jungle.


he made me laugh!

it was a tough morning today. you know when the bed feels extra cozy and warm and you're still really tired..mmm. exactly. it was hard. mom and i took the same tram downtown this morning and while we were waiting at the tram stop a guy started talking to us. he was obviously drunk (i did my first internship in denmark with people who were alcoholics or doing drugs or perhaps both and i loved spending time with them) and had no boundries while talking but was amazingly funny and had story after story to tell us. he was totally cracking us up, big time.

we got on the tram and a person was doing a research for the tram company and we filled in forms and of course the guy wanted to do it too. it was a bit hard and he decided to just draw a long line crossing all the boxes you were suppose to mark differently (the questions were asked so you couldn't really do like he did), which cracked me up (for the seventyeleventh time) since he was so proud of being so smart, according to him. but instead of filling in forms he wanted to tell people stories, which he was freaking good at! i turned to mom and said; can you understand now how fun i had in denmark during my internship?!? oh, yes was her respond.

he made me laugh this tough morning. thank you and i hope your hospital visit went good..

french lessons and random thoughts.

listening to edith piaf. wow. wanna learn french, but i suck on the pronunciation part. meh. anyone who can teach me french? have been studying today (not frnech), fixed times for the coming interviews we're gonna have for our final paper (yes, i'm not writing it all by myself anymore, phu. feels really good). wanna change the blog design and having some ideas. hmm. should study, but might actually be more productive tomorrow if i take some time off now from everything that's connected to school. yeah.

i was sitting outside on the porch with only shorts and a t-shirt earlier today. wondering when i'm gonna get a horrible cold as a price. hmm. although, i'm already having one sort of.

i wanna move to our own apartment NOW. went to a friend's apartment today (never been there before), and i loved it. there's hope for an apartment that you rent too. i thought the nice ones are only for sale where you have to pay like a million swedish crowns (= a crap load of money), but no. you just have to dig in to the apartment djungle and have patient (which i don't have). wish us luck.

my love's computer has passed away. i don't think it can do like jesus i'm sad and upset. she will hopefully buy a netbook or something very soon. i mean, we HAVE to able to see each other, otherwise these 7.5 weeks will feel like forever. i want her to buy a mac (the macbook). i'm kind of a mac-nerd whithout having a mac. (is that really ok and normal?). but what is normal and what is ok? oh, well. i want my coming macbook pro to have a mac friend, but we'll see. will probably turn out to be a netbook friend.

ok. gonna work on the new design and will see when it's gonna be a change here. hehe. you never know. edith is dramatic now. gosh.

i love you

perhaps it's better for you to sleep in and not be in pain anymore.
i love you.


it's a crappy day today. just boring and feelings of loneliness. hate it.
wanna feel crazy and happy. meh.

summer, i'm dreaming of you.

summer 2009 in sweden

i'm finally done with my new blog design. phu, it took me forever. anyway. today is a day when i want summer 2010 so badly. my goal is june. i've (hopefully) graduated from the university. i'm free (that's how i choose to see it - no books that i have to read, no papers to write and so on), i'm gonna spend the rest of my life with my wife (we're having a long-distance marriage now since she's working in the states and i'm finishing school here in sweden). but we have so many amazing plans for this summer and i can't wait! summer, i'm dreaming of you.


if i change layout on my blog from dark to something more light and "happy".. will that change how i feel inside of me? wish life was that easy. thousends of thoughts in my head and nothing will come out in words. good job lina.

i want summer.

a new day, a new life.

i wrote a blog post earlier and it didn't work out to post it. was screwed up, big time for me. now i know "why". i was not supposed to post the other one.
i was watching tv with my parents and a song was playing right before a program started and i loved it. after some research i found it and a new artist (for me - YAY!).

welcome to my life, nina simone. i love your music.

about feeling good, and as nina sings:

...It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good...

it's a positive way to face the day and to think about life in general. there are so many people who think too much in a negative way. what if they just could think of the new day as a new life with plenty of amazing opportunities to live life and feel good (or at least better than before).

try to think positive in life. all the negativity is just bringing you more and more deep down in the crap.

i've promised myself to not let people bring me down in darkness just because of their negativity. i'm gonna live life, because i know i have an amazing one and i'm feeling good because i'm focusing on what is positive!


it's unfair.

i have plenty of pics that i keep on my hard drive. so many memories. good times, adventures, family and friends, hard times and so on...i remember taking the picture above (my feet and part of my legs). a day when i spent time with my cousin and we were hanging out downtown. i also met her boyfriend for the first time. good day. good time. wish that everyone could experience good times and not be stuck in so many hard things. it's unfair.



makes me just wanna lay down under it and dream.



Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking or if they are thinking at all...

It's all weird and crazy. Yeah.

By the way, I'm back in town after spending some time in the archipelago. Love the nature but it feels good to be back to city life again.

By the way, I'm stuck and will never be free. Or what is freedom? Or do I want to be free...or am I free? Confusing, I know. But I am a confused girl. 10 points to me. Perhaps I am thinking too much and then I'm back to the beginning of this post about thoughts. Although, I prefer to think than to not think at all. 

I am stupid. Rehab, perhaps?

missing my long hair. badly.

a break

i need a break from e v e r y t h i n g. so i am sort of takin' one.

stressed out and feeling crappy.

over and out.

back in town

so i am back in town after some good days with a friend. was three years ago since last time i saw her so it was about time. good food, fika and plenty of talking time. me like.

saturday and i am gonna try to study..but not in the mood for it AT ALL.

miss this (pic).
want to be there instead.

thoughts about "home" and "home-home"

it's weird (but in a pretty good way SOMETIMES) to have two homes in two different worlds. well. i will probably call sweden and my parents' home for "home-home" since i've grew up here and lived here for almost 20 years. then we have my other home, which i call "home". it's in the states and the apartment i share with my love. the problem in my world right now is that i have moved to the states and love my life there with my love but i have to be in sweden, i'm forced to (don't have a visa right now). it's screwed. i miss my "home" and don't really feel like i want to be "home-home". makes me a little bit sad. or i miss so much.


my love will come to sweden in 6 weeks and will stay for about 7 weeks before we go back "HOME".
i'm gonna visit a friend tomorrow i haven't seen in 3 years. so i'm not gonna be "home-home" for two days. yay.

been studying today - finished a paper. 5 points to me. y e a h. and i will read some so i don't have to bring that many books on the bus tomorrow.

my mouth hurts..or it's my right side jaw (is that the correct word?). whatever. it hurts. have i been talking too much crap? maybe? probably been sleeping weird. as usual.

i want to get spotify...but can't. need an invitation? anyone?

gotta read some blogs now and later on some school books. woo hoo. gosh, need to pack too. i'm busy now.


cravings & good news!

i need starbucks coffee right now.

or their chai tea.

AND we've gotten some awesome news today. i like sweden.

pic from here

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