driving permit!

woo hoo! got my international driving permit today. it's getting closer! just a little bit more than a week left - can't wait! have been studying the whole day (phu) and the weekend will be pretty busy with socializing since i'm leaving monday morning for östersund (the city where my university is and where i'm gonna graduate next friday). next week will be busy with graduation stuff and then some celebrations in uppsala (the city where my brother lives) with my family and then the final, boarding the plane to the states. YAY!

gonna wash some clothes, do some sewing (turn one pair of jeans into shorts), plan and organize some packing - both for the days in östersund, uppsala and then the states. yep. busy.


gosh. can't believe it's already in the end of may! FINALLY.
graduating next week and will also go home, to my love.

but today:
- study with m (we wrote the final paper together)
- perhaps cut my hair (just a little bit)
- watch "in treatment" (i'm stuck and think i'm studying while watching it..hehe)

i've been going through my extern hard drive and it's still a going on project - it's taking for freaking ever. gah. have found plenty of old pics i haven't looked at in a very long time. it's a hard thing to do sometimes and i actually get these "aha" experiences every now and then. that's leading to confusion big time.

will use part of my blog price on saturday so the blog will hopefully change space pretty soon, it's in the process! yay!! i have fun plans.

just for the heck of it (thinking of my extern hard drive organizing experiences). here's me, a young lina.

i'm here...

...but as you can see, having sort of a break from this blog. it's alot going on in life right now. been working on my final paper and i'm graduating from the university today in two weeks and then add some other private stuff.

will probably write some later on (as in a week or two), but definitely when i'm in the states (in about 2 weeks). come back then! yes. deal.

take care.

same same but different

i feels lika all my days are looking the same. and they are. it's all about my final paper and it's less than 4 weeks until my graduation now. YAY! today's schedule looks a a little bit different though. going to reherse in one and a half hour for an upcoming wedding where i'm gonna sing and i'm gonna watch Fame - the musical tonight downtown. woo hoo. a long time since i saw a musical. weird since i'm loving it so much. so a little bit of an update.

take care!

woo hoo, it's getting closer!

uppsala last year.

will leave tomorrow afternoon for a long weekend in uppsala and walpurgis night celebrations.

miss charming

she's miss charming, big time.
(babysitting my youngest niece)

happy easter!

my other half is here and i'm whole.

lina goes cleaning woman

gonna clean the house now and i have crazy hair
(it's not making my head hurt less, just to let you know).

saturday plans

gonna cut my hair today. woo hoo (even if i hate it since want it to be long, but need to cut alot today - it looks so freaking bad right now). gonna promise myself to cut it more often so situations like this never will happen again. gonna work on that.

reunioun with my old music class tonight (10 years since i finished 9th grade in the swedish school system). most of them can't come which is sad but we're some friends that are gonna hang out. (one of them is a hair dresser and will cut my hair - perfect with friends/contacts).

listening to green day now and i just love wake me up when september ends (link to Spotify). love from 1:45 with all the drums and everything. mmm. so many memories. my love and i were hanging out in the park a sunny day in the states and listened to this song. a good day with my amazing wife and a good song!

fixed the ESTA (link for info) stuff today for my coming trip in summer. so much to do when you're traveling to the states, specially when you've been there alot. they're so suspicious and all i wanna do is to spend time with my american wife and her family. not work or not be there any longer than 90 days. gaaah. but, check on that one now and some other detail info.

gotta get ready now.

an adorable model

hanging out at my sister's house today for some hours where my yougest niece is an adorable model.

back in Norrköping

i have been to östersund for over a week..but it feels really good to be back in Norrköping now. think i'm more of a southern girl. or i'm not only thinking, i know i am. came back today, early afternoon and have been crazy busy the whole freaking time since then. done three loads of laundry. cleaned my room. sent a crap load of e-mails. set an appointment for my hair to be fixed. my friend (who's a hairdresser) is an angel. have already warned her about my hair and that she's probably gonna cry when she's seing me on saturday. gaaah. anyway. i've gotten a package today. woo hoo! will show you tomorrow. hee hee.

now; two winter pics from östersund..

winter activities - the lake

some of the university buildings

soon friday

can't believe it's my last day at "work" tomorrow. i hate goodbyes..but gonna come back and visit and hopefully work (for real) some, every now and then if they need it. going to stockholm in the afternoon, see my friends n and c and then we're all going to another city for a reunioun/b-day party and catch up with some other friends. can't wait!!! haven't really spent any longer time with them for freaking ever so it's about time.

mom is having her friends over tonight for dinner which means limited space in the house..meh, but yummy food in the "middle" of the week though. gonna finish packing since i don't have that much time tomorrow after "work" and before my train leaves for stockholm.

the guests will come soon, and i'm gonna pack.

7 am

and i'm awake and has been for about 30 min. weird. just wanted to tell you all that. the interesting club is taking notes. thanks.

flight tickets!

YAY. i've bought my flight tickets to the states for summer!!! i'm coming, my love!
it's saturday and i've been on the phone with SAS some (the reason: above), taken a shower, relaxed and listened to music. yep. my cousin is gonna come and pick me up in a couple of hours and we're heading downtown for some adventures. woo hoo.

feels like a good day. went to östersund (the city where my university is) the day before yesterday and came back yesterday...phu. did a test and it feels amazing to have a weekend with no school stuff. yes, i've taken one (still have plenty of papers to write)..but breaks are good too. dad is getting take away thai food. my favorite. yummy.

this is how i look today

have a great rest of your saturday!


so i had a successful shopping friday afternoon - found a tank and some shiny leggings i wanted. yay. it's sunday = study sunday for me. saturdays are usually my study free day so i better do a good job today. my test is coming closer (friday the 5th). no panic AND it's my last regular test in life (as far as i know), but at least during this education period. it's crazy. my graduation from university is 4th of june. woo hoo.

it's the last day of february today so happy names-day all marias.
gonna start to study some now.


and i like it. will very soon go downtown and do some (hopefully successful) shopping and fika with a friend. that's my plans for now. like that too. got some e-mails with pics last night from my love and i just love to get pic-updates every now and then! another thing i love is when my love is having a shopping day and bying stuff for me too. mmm. 100 shopping points to her! a summer hat and a t-shirt is waiting for me. me like.

one of the pic-updates from yesterday. our amazing cat, enjoying life. she's cool.

gotta go downtown. ciao.


it's thursday and i'm gonna "work" night shift. it's getting closer to the end of my internship. only two weeks left which is crazy. gonna miss everyone there..

i'm in a shopping mood and want some new clothes. haven't been shopping for a looooong time now (about two months, i think. it's a record.) gonna celebrate my friend, m who's turning 25, in two weeks and we're gonna have a reunion with all the girls from school. yay! but i want new clothes to wear then..thinking of going downtown on saturday and see if there's any cool stuff out in the stores now. any ideas?

now: early lunch and some relaxing time. 

workin' on it..

yes. working on to change my design here. but i'm not feeling good and my brain is therefore not cooperating with me (it feels like). anyway, will probably finish the changes soon, but not tonight.

bed, here i come!


it's dark outside and i think it's cozy to sit here in the library at school. it's so quite and students are studying and inspireing me, big time. had a meeting with my favorite teacher about my final paper and it feels good. have gotten some ideas and new thoughts about it all. gonna be great, i think. can't wait to start with everything for 100%.

will soon go to the church (where i'm sleeping now), eat, take a shower and then head to some friends for wine, snacks and chat night. yay. will get some information tomorrow (about the final paper) and will then take the "short" train ride back to norrköping. hopefully no delays this time...

have a great rest of the day!

crazy coming week, starting today.

so it's gonna be crazy the coming days. gonna "work" night now (sunday - monday) which means that i'll be at "work" around 1.30pmish today. "work" until 11pm, sleep there, start again at 7am (monday morning), get off around noon since i'm heading to östersund - up north in sweden (about an 8 hours ride on the train). will arrive there late monday evening. classes tuesday, wednesday and then a lecture about my coming paper on thursday. head back to norrköping on thursday afternoon/evening (again, an 8 hours train ride). "work" friday and then it's weekend. phu. the funny/crazy thing is that i'm almost gonna do the same thing the week after this coming one. help. i want summer and time off.

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