Bella's Choise (who is Bella?), Latte 2 Go and Manhunter. new nail polish. i'm excited and it feels i'm a little bit more into fashion since i've bought a green/blue one.
yes, it's important and i'm going color, sort of.

been an intense day, but fun in many ways. spent time with the best cousins ever and had lunch and fika and "shopping time" (didn't really buy that much) with them.
me like.


i had a lunch break downtown today and i ended up buying a black watch and a black/white striped scarf. it's the kind without an end and i love it. love the watch too. have a yellow one already. you can find them here too (link). gonna go to the movies soon with my amazing cousin. mmm. cozy.

hey all women too, it's the international womens' day today.

iPhone cases

Since I've ordered an iPhone..I've been looking around to see what kind of case I would like to have. These are my favorite, so far.

i want it.

i have a few "errands" to do before i leave for sweden. so many things i wanna buy (so much cheaper here too). yes, sometimes i'm a really materialistic girl. not gonna buy two sets of speakers..but can't decide exactly which one (and it might even not be any of the ones on the pic).

pics from hereherehere and here.

i'm off to clean the car now. how fun sounds that?

the shopping...

some of the shopping i did last sunday in tennessee - most of them basic but awesome!
jeans and t from american eagle outfitters and converse bought in a store called journeys.

pics. from &


I love converse shoes and thinking about which ones to order...
All pics from


Guess why?! =)


This is weird.

I love the colors black, brown, white and grey.
I never wear a watch.
BUT..I love this!

yes, please.

some shopping..

Missing Photoshop...I'm back to crappy other programs since my test period of Photoshop is over. Crap. Sorry about that...will work on it.

pics update

i loooove it.

gaaaah. shopping anyone?

i am really in a shopping mood and i am so so so close to a big shopping mall here with stores like american eagle outfitters, pacsun, gap, old navy and so on and so frustrating for my shopping soul and heart.

wouldn't mind to add  these to my closet. mmm. *dreaming*

i love my new bag

I got a new bag today. Love it so much.
Thanks Magda!

Takin' pics...

Gaaah. Can't wait to take pictures with my new camera. My love was so sweet and ordered it and now it's only waiting for me..Yes! I am in a creativity mood right now. (Well I want to do almost everything except writing the paper). Hmpf.