tuesday, you are planned in min.

i snoozed for an hour. meh. i was really tired and still am. it's busy day today. full of school stuff. gonna do an interview for our paper today. yay! will take the tram downtown in an hour. and later on study at the library until the interview appointment or what to call it. anyway. not that interesting to know. deal. i guess my point is that i'm busy.

ok. ciao.

some books to read.

i'm studying.


my very last class at the university starts today. YAY! it's my final paper and i'm looking forward writing it. so the weekend has been filled with movies, social times and a reunioun with my old class since it was ten years ago we finished 9th grade. sadly we weren't that many who could come...but i had fun and met several from my high school class i haven't seen in like seven years too. fun.

so i'm gonna start to read info about my final class today and just try to take care of myself. working blaha...sort of. anyway. hope you will have a good monday!

Östersund it is

had a great weekend with reunion/b-day party. thanks everyone! i'm now in östersund and studying my last class before my final paper starts. gaaah. have been pretty productive today though so i shouldn't feel that guilty watching some tv tonight. craving for chips too. meh. will see..

thinking of going "home" to the apartment where i'm staying, leave some stuff and then go to the grocery store but it's so freaking slippery everywhere so i'm about to fall on the hard ice all the freaking time. it's ridiculous. oh, well. gonna leave school for sure now. have been here since 9:30 today. it's more than 8 hours. 10 study points.

back in school

oh, yes and i love it. to just sit and listen to a good teacher talking about real experiences and cases. discuss problems/issues in the society with other students, learn new stuff and just be more of a student or at least a student in it's environment. the school. (sort of..you understand what i mean, right?!). love it. it took me forever to get here since my first train was delayed so i missed my second train - the one and only during daytime and i had to go to another city with another train and then take a bus the last 2.5 hours = i arrived in the middle of the night and about 2 hours late. anyway. i made it and i'm here and enjoying my time.
sitting in the library now and just saw a teacher i've wanted to talked to (discuss my plans for my final paper). he's my favorite one and i asked if he had some time to talk with me. so i'll see him tomorrow after school. yay. 5 points for good timing. gonna write on some paper now. hope it's a good writing day. feeling kind of tired after a whole pretty long school day.