one month.

YES! today in a month i'm sitting on a plane which is taking me over the pond to my love. i can't wait. just want these weeks to fly away. summer: road trips and beach life. yeah.

beside each other

when your love is on the other side of the pond and you're scared watching a gotta do what you can do - sit beside each other, but on msn.

feels like home

i love you.

i'm half again.

said goodbye to my love yesterday. she had to go back to the states and here i am, in sweden. i really hate the distance. the sun is shining today, i'm listening to music, drinking coffee and will start to study in just a minute (writing on my final paper). feeling so's such an empty feeling. but will see her in 8 weeks again. we can make it.

gotta write on my paper now.


busy life and "chips-heaven"

haven't been updating here that much lately and the reason is pretty simple, my love is here for a week and we're doing stuff every day which is keeping me busy.


we went to the grocery store last night to get some snacks and coke (my american wife has her needs, hee hee). and she found "chips-heaven". i was just pregnant..or something (no, i'm not pregnant irl).

gotta get ready for some new adventures today. a shopping mall and then downtown!