Videos from our vacation in Skåne/Denmark! [# 3/3]

We went by train and ferry to Copenhagen in Denmark!

Thursday - Movies, Asheville and Wii

On our way to Asheville and the movies to watch Madagascar 2

Soon downtown Asheville

Doin' some shopping...

Downtown Asheville. Love it.

Went to dinner with Mark and Jessica and then to their house to play Wii and watch Grey's Anatomy.

We got christmas gifts!

Mmm. Cozy and really soft blankets and in the colors we looooove.

Wii - bowling...gosh, I want my own Wii.

Then Grey's...

2nd Sunday Advent

soon on the 7th
(yes, I am a little bit behind)

Gosh, already the 7th of December (and in less than a week, I'll be in the States!). The sun is shining and I am soon off to church. Gonna sing with the gospel choir. Yay! The dress code is black and gold so I decided to wear all black and some of the jewelry is in gold. Yeah.