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"happy american mother's day, mamma! i miss you and i can't wait till you rub your face on my furry tummy and snuggle with me all over. it's been a long time, but i'll see you soon!! gonna go bother mom now. hehe. think i'll try to climb a door and get outside...she gets so upset about that, but i'm just givin her a hard time. i know you'd like that! anyway...you are the best mamma a cat could have and i knew it when you came to see me at pet harmony. i knew you would be perfect and amazing, that we would be the perfect family.

i love you, mamma. you're the best!

/your little girl, zola"

Postat av: Liz

We miss you so much! But, love you more than you could ever know!! Our family is so amazing! I am so thankful. Kramar dig.

2010-05-10 @ 15:31:53
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Postat av: maria

Vad gulligt! Jag blev visst inte ledig imorgon, ska jobba =)men behöver pengar... hörs imorgon. Kramar!!

2010-05-17 @ 16:47:02

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