gosh. can't believe it's already in the end of may! FINALLY.
graduating next week and will also go home, to my love.

but today:
- study with m (we wrote the final paper together)
- perhaps cut my hair (just a little bit)
- watch "in treatment" (i'm stuck and think i'm studying while watching it..hehe)

i've been going through my extern hard drive and it's still a going on project - it's taking for freaking ever. gah. have found plenty of old pics i haven't looked at in a very long time. it's a hard thing to do sometimes and i actually get these "aha" experiences every now and then. that's leading to confusion big time.

will use part of my blog price on saturday so the blog will hopefully change space pretty soon, it's in the process! yay!! i have fun plans.

just for the heck of it (thinking of my extern hard drive organizing experiences). here's me, a young lina.

Postat av: Vendela

Tjena vad lik Emily är dig!!

2010-05-26 @ 11:32:28
Postat av: Vendela

Tjena igen! Vilken konstig grammatik det blev där ovan. Jag menar alltså att Emily är väldigt lik dig när du var yngre! :P

2010-05-26 @ 11:33:51
Postat av: Lina

Vendela: Hehe. Ja, det kanske finns lite likheter :-)

2010-05-26 @ 17:21:11
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