Östersund it is

had a great weekend with reunion/b-day party. thanks everyone! i'm now in östersund and studying my last class before my final paper starts. gaaah. have been pretty productive today though so i shouldn't feel that guilty watching some tv tonight. craving for chips too. meh. will see..

thinking of going "home" to the apartment where i'm staying, leave some stuff and then go to the grocery store but it's so freaking slippery everywhere so i'm about to fall on the hard ice all the freaking time. it's ridiculous. oh, well. gonna leave school for sure now. have been here since 9:30 today. it's more than 8 hours. 10 study points.

Postat av: Stoffe

Bit of the same problem here - smelting snow during the day, freezing at night = permanent ice on the road... Have you considered using ice skates to get places? :)

2010-03-16 @ 09:30:02

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