my materialistic side


anything wrong with this? yes.
i don't have one right now

...i'm hopefully getting/buying a new computer in like 3 months. gonna buy a macbook pro in the states this summer! it's waaaay cheaper there so that's why i'm waiting..(gaah). but i'm dreming about the new computer since mine sounds like a hair dryer today. yes, i've used it alot so it's about time to change and make an upgrade. want a macbook pro 13".

have to continue studying for my coming test but can't concentrate. i'm so freaking tired nowadays. it's crazy. guess that my life schedule doesn't wanna cooperate with me anymore. hmpf. gotta go back to my notes now..but i'm still too focused on my materalistic side. yeah.

do you have any experience to share with me about the macbook pro or apple stuff in general?

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Härligt att du bestämt dig att äntligen skaffa en mac.. det gör du helt rätt i! Jag skulle aldrig byta bort min mot en pc. Allt går så mycket smidigare med mac, tar kanske lite tid att vänja sig och hitta funktionerna och jag hittar än idag nya funktioner... vilket är toppen!

Välkommen till mac-familjen!


2010-03-03 @ 13:56:36

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