lina goes cleaning woman

gonna clean the house now and i have crazy hair
(it's not making my head hurt less, just to let you know).


Bella's Choise (who is Bella?), Latte 2 Go and Manhunter. new nail polish. i'm excited and it feels i'm a little bit more into fashion since i've bought a green/blue one.
yes, it's important and i'm going color, sort of.

been an intense day, but fun in many ways. spent time with the best cousins ever and had lunch and fika and "shopping time" (didn't really buy that much) with them.
me like.

some good music

she's so freaking talented and i love her sound. you go, jasmin!

i love you

perhaps it's better for you to sleep in and not be in pain anymore.
i love you.


my very last class at the university starts today. YAY! it's my final paper and i'm looking forward writing it. so the weekend has been filled with movies, social times and a reunioun with my old class since it was ten years ago we finished 9th grade. sadly we weren't that many who could come...but i had fun and met several from my high school class i haven't seen in like seven years too. fun.

so i'm gonna start to read info about my final class today and just try to take care of myself. working blaha...sort of. anyway. hope you will have a good monday!

saturday plans

gonna cut my hair today. woo hoo (even if i hate it since want it to be long, but need to cut alot today - it looks so freaking bad right now). gonna promise myself to cut it more often so situations like this never will happen again. gonna work on that.

reunioun with my old music class tonight (10 years since i finished 9th grade in the swedish school system). most of them can't come which is sad but we're some friends that are gonna hang out. (one of them is a hair dresser and will cut my hair - perfect with friends/contacts).

listening to green day now and i just love wake me up when september ends (link to Spotify). love from 1:45 with all the drums and everything. mmm. so many memories. my love and i were hanging out in the park a sunny day in the states and listened to this song. a good day with my amazing wife and a good song!

fixed the ESTA (link for info) stuff today for my coming trip in summer. so much to do when you're traveling to the states, specially when you've been there alot. they're so suspicious and all i wanna do is to spend time with my american wife and her family. not work or not be there any longer than 90 days. gaaah. but, check on that one now and some other detail info.

gotta get ready now.

an adorable model

hanging out at my sister's house today for some hours where my yougest niece is an adorable model.

some more cravings...

pics from and


i have to confess. i love to shop and i've some cravings right now.

the fisheye lens!

i'm too lazy today and just hanging out at home instead of going downtown as i wrote yesterday..but my niece was here this morning and i "forced" her to be a model. thanks!

love you.

a package

i got a package the other day.

package from the states

a remote for our nikon


..a fisheye lens!!

i'm excited and will hopefully take a trip downtown and the industrial landscape tomorrow and test it out. (depending on weather)

a big thank you to my love.
you're amazing and i'm so thankful.

back in Norrköping

i have been to östersund for over a week..but it feels really good to be back in Norrköping now. think i'm more of a southern girl. or i'm not only thinking, i know i am. came back today, early afternoon and have been crazy busy the whole freaking time since then. done three loads of laundry. cleaned my room. sent a crap load of e-mails. set an appointment for my hair to be fixed. my friend (who's a hairdresser) is an angel. have already warned her about my hair and that she's probably gonna cry when she's seing me on saturday. gaaah. anyway. i've gotten a package today. woo hoo! will show you tomorrow. hee hee.

now; two winter pics from östersund..

winter activities - the lake

some of the university buildings


it's a crappy day today. just boring and feelings of loneliness. hate it.
wanna feel crazy and happy. meh.

Östersund it is

had a great weekend with reunion/b-day party. thanks everyone! i'm now in östersund and studying my last class before my final paper starts. gaaah. have been pretty productive today though so i shouldn't feel that guilty watching some tv tonight. craving for chips too. meh. will see..

thinking of going "home" to the apartment where i'm staying, leave some stuff and then go to the grocery store but it's so freaking slippery everywhere so i'm about to fall on the hard ice all the freaking time. it's ridiculous. oh, well. gonna leave school for sure now. have been here since 9:30 today. it's more than 8 hours. 10 study points.

soon friday

can't believe it's my last day at "work" tomorrow. i hate goodbyes..but gonna come back and visit and hopefully work (for real) some, every now and then if they need it. going to stockholm in the afternoon, see my friends n and c and then we're all going to another city for a reunioun/b-day party and catch up with some other friends. can't wait!!! haven't really spent any longer time with them for freaking ever so it's about time.

mom is having her friends over tonight for dinner which means limited space in the house..meh, but yummy food in the "middle" of the week though. gonna finish packing since i don't have that much time tomorrow after "work" and before my train leaves for stockholm.

the guests will come soon, and i'm gonna pack.

tuesday evening

still trying to think positive. gaaah. fight. fight. fight. but it's hard. thinking of going to bed and just breathe. wanna start to read a book..but i'm always feeling guilty when i should read a school book or something more related to school instead. don't think i can be productive with a paper now anyway. hmm. i'm longing for summer and just relaxing time with my love. i can't wait.

- three days left at "work"
- reunioun with the girls
- finish my last class
- start to write my final paper (and have my own schedule)

yes, i'm all about lists today. went to the grocery store with mom and dad earlier and just had to check out the international part of the store. i got really disappointed. not that much of american stuff in store. well, many of the shelves were empty. miss the states a lot today, but most of all my love. she's my you.

okidoki. bed is calling. i know it's early.

tuesday afternoon

- the sun is shining.
- have gotten some interesting information this morning, love to learn!
- got off earlier.
- my room is clean and i've clean sheets.
- gonna see some amazing friends during the coming weekend.
- i'm finishing my internship this week (sad, but it feels good to be done with it too so i can just focus on my last class and later on my final paper).

trying to focus on good stuff. yes. fight. fight. fight.

gonna study some now.
over and out.


i had a lunch break downtown today and i ended up buying a black watch and a black/white striped scarf. it's the kind without an end and i love it. love the watch too. have a yellow one already. you can find them here too (link). gonna go to the movies soon with my amazing cousin. mmm. cozy.

hey all women too, it's the international womens' day today.

i like it a lot.


for spotify (link) and for youtube (link).
salem, i like it a lot. thanks.

my new old bag

i got a bag my mom used to have (probably around the hippie period) and my dad has kept his old video camera in it. well, it was time for the camera to explore the world again (according to my dad) and the bag showed up from its hidden place. i showed them my doggie eyes and the bag is nowadays mine. woo hoo. 100 shopping points to me, and i didn't even spend any money.

7 am

and i'm awake and has been for about 30 min. weird. just wanted to tell you all that. the interesting club is taking notes. thanks.

flight tickets!

YAY. i've bought my flight tickets to the states for summer!!! i'm coming, my love!
it's saturday and i've been on the phone with SAS some (the reason: above), taken a shower, relaxed and listened to music. yep. my cousin is gonna come and pick me up in a couple of hours and we're heading downtown for some adventures. woo hoo.

feels like a good day. went to östersund (the city where my university is) the day before yesterday and came back yesterday...phu. did a test and it feels amazing to have a weekend with no school stuff. yes, i've taken one (still have plenty of papers to write)..but breaks are good too. dad is getting take away thai food. my favorite. yummy.

this is how i look today

have a great rest of your saturday!


my materialistic side


anything wrong with this? yes.
i don't have one right now

...i'm hopefully getting/buying a new computer in like 3 months. gonna buy a macbook pro in the states this summer! it's waaaay cheaper there so that's why i'm waiting..(gaah). but i'm dreming about the new computer since mine sounds like a hair dryer today. yes, i've used it alot so it's about time to change and make an upgrade. want a macbook pro 13".

have to continue studying for my coming test but can't concentrate. i'm so freaking tired nowadays. it's crazy. guess that my life schedule doesn't wanna cooperate with me anymore. hmpf. gotta go back to my notes now..but i'm still too focused on my materalistic side. yeah.

do you have any experience to share with me about the macbook pro or apple stuff in general?