i made it!

so, i finally made it to NC. gah, what a trip. the plane was delayed leaving stockholm so i missed my connection flight from newark (NJ) to charlotte (NC) and there were no seats left on the planes during the evening so i had to stay a night in NJ. hmpf. my love had to stay in a hotel in charlotte since she was suppose to pick me up and it's about a 2.5 hour ride from the airport to home. anyway. i decided to get on a plane EARLY in the morning (monday morning american time) and land in charlotte at 8 am. well, that plane was delayed too. gaaaaah. i just wanted to get here. but it was only like an hour and i was able to hug my love around 9 monday morning after been traveling for 31 hours in total. my love was off from work and we just hung out, ate lunch and got my new computer!!! YAY, finally! it's a macbook pro 13" - the new version and i love it. haven't been able to play around that much yet, but will today!

it's 7.30 am and i just finished breakfast. my love is at work and i decided to stay home and just relax (and play with my computer..hee hee). i was at work/school yesterday and i actually worked some. yep. i was a proctor (it's a volunteer who's helping out with the students' exams). so i was basically handing out papers while my love was reading instructions. then my mission was sort of to walk around some every now and then to check on the students.

oh, went to the movies yesterday afternoon. sex and the city 2 and we were the only ones watching it that time. it shows like 8 times a day or something. was pretty cool and the movie was ok. not amazing, but ok. love to see all their clothes. it's so colorful.

what else? hmm. gonna work on the new website. just takes some time. have alot to do for our coming wedding party too. music playlists. pictures to fix. food lists to go through and other things. yeah.
well, that's an update for now. now: coffee and creamer. YEAH.


Postat av: Sara

Hej, försökte leta runt och hitta någon kontaktinformation till dig men måste ha missat det om det fanns.

Jag och min sambo flyttar till Norrköping till hösten och jag undrade om ni två kommer finnas kvar där då? Min sambo kommer från Kanada, har bott här i Sverige med mig i snart två år, och det skulle vara roligt att träffa er för att få titta sig själv i spegeln litegrann. Vi umgås inte med några nordamerikaner alls just nu och definitivt inte med några tjejpar med en nordamerikansk hälft, så det skulle vara jättekul.

Jag gissar att du kan se min mejladress någonstans i dina settings - du kan väl höra av dig om du har lust. Jag förstår på ditt inlägg att ni inte är Sverige just nu, men vi är inte i Norrköping heller just nu så det går ju på ett ut! :-) Men kanske framåt hösten?

2010-06-09 @ 21:15:53
Postat av: Lina

Sara: Hej! Nej, har ingen kontaktinformation (kommer med den nya hemsidan som snart kommer att laggas upp!).

Vi kommer att vara i Norrkoping under hosten och det skulle vara jattekul att traffas! Skriv garna pa min mail (lier84@hotmail.com).

Vi kommer att vara har i USA under hela sommaren, men kommer till Norrkoping i slutet av augusti. Nar flyttar ni dit?

Ha det fint!

2010-06-11 @ 15:24:20
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