hello monday, i like you.

. woke up late (i'm off today since i worked night shift last week, thursday/friday).

. talked with my love for some hours, i loooove it.

. ate a good and yummy breakfast with coffee (planning on to make some more coffee now).

. planned and organized in my calender with my coming BUSY weeks. think i sort of know my life now..

and i'm gonna start to study some now. read pp-presentations/lecture notes and read some articles. i'm actually excited about it all. it's so interesting!

now: make som more coffee, listen to music and read two english articles. yeah.
Zola, our cat on webcam early this morning.

an amazing talent

pic from here.

meryl streep is a fantastic actress and has an amazing talent/gift. i'm so impressed and wished that i was really good at something. anything. anyway..i liked the movie (it's complicated). it isn't my favorite, but for sure good entertaining a sunday night.

i'm off tomorrow since i worked a night shift last thursday/friday. gonna study the whole day and just be at home. need it. by the way (out of the blue, sort of) i think meryl streep likes mac..hee hee. (yes, i want one, badly). perhaps gonna buy one this summer. yeah. the materialistic girl in me is typing..

over and out.

it's complicated

oh, yeah. going to the movies in a little while together with my cousin. we're gonna watch "it's complicated". it's gonna be cozy, hopefully fun and interesting (in the way to see how the movie is, if i like it)! just wish my love could join too.

pics. from imdb.com




it's been a crazy and busy week. alot of stuff at "work" - which is of course exciting since i'm learning so much..but exhausting at the same time. anyway, i've a three day weekend off now. gonna just relax, study, sing some and plan some stuff. yeah, here we go. need to be more organized from now. gonna succeed this time and i'm so inspired. oh, well. time to get dressed.

a new day, a new life.

i wrote a blog post earlier and it didn't work out to post it. blogg.se was screwed up, big time for me. now i know "why". i was not supposed to post the other one.
i was watching tv with my parents and a song was playing right before a program started and i loved it. after some research i found it and a new artist (for me - YAY!).

welcome to my life, nina simone. i love your music.

about feeling good, and as nina sings:

...It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good...

it's a positive way to face the day and to think about life in general. there are so many people who think too much in a negative way. what if they just could think of the new day as a new life with plenty of amazing opportunities to live life and feel good (or at least better than before).

try to think positive in life. all the negativity is just bringing you more and more deep down in the crap.

i've promised myself to not let people bring me down in darkness just because of their negativity. i'm gonna live life, because i know i have an amazing one and i'm feeling good because i'm focusing on what is positive!

love it.

saturday in a list.

. slept pretty late (awesome!)
. realized it was cold outside when the thermometer showed -20 ºC/-4 ºF
. started to organize a crap load of stuff
. did some needed shopping at the grocery store
. watched a movie with my mom and dad (mostly mom).
. talked with my love alot.

a pretty good saturday. think i'm gonna start study my new class tomorrow. i'm excited about it all.

summary of 2009 (september - december)


We adopted Zola, our amazing cat.

Hung out, had BBQ and played around at the farm.

Spent some exploring/eating time at the State Fair in Asheville, NC.

Went to IKEA in Charlotte, NC (a couple of times). Really liked an apartment example there and we were ready to move in!

We pre-celebrated my love's b-day by drinking beer at one of the irish pubs downtown.


Went to the beach and attended The Lookout Lighthouse 150th anniversary celebration. (We are related to the first lighthouse keeper there).

My parents came to the States. (They brought some Swedish candy which made me really axcited and happy).

We all went to the beach (yes, again) so my parents could see that area too and not only the mountains (western part of NC).

My love and I spent some time taking pictures in one of the parks in Asheville, NC. This one is definitely my favorite.


I had to go back to Sweden in the beginning of November and as soon as I got here I got sick. I spent the rest of the month doing my internship (where I still am). Didn't take that many pictures this month.


My love finally came to me here in Sweden to celebrate Christmas and New Years.

Santa Claus came on Christmas Eve - as the Swedish tradition goes. (Santa: Who's been good this year?)

My love and I got married!

Our former exchange students (the girls) and friends of the family came to visit us for some days!
My love and I celebrated New Years in Uppsala, Sweden, together with my brother, his girlfriend and some other friends/siblings (+ a ghost = the shadow to the left in this picture).

Happy 2010!!!

summary of 2009 (january - august)


Started 2009 by celebrating New Years at the beach in NC, USA.

It was pretty warm outside (too cold to swim though).

We checked out our new apartment.

I had to leave the States for some school stuff in Sweden (for some weeks).
Flew back to the States in the end of January.


I studied online classes connected to my Swedish University and kept myself busy during the days.

I got my piercing (the upper one).

We babysat Kitty (my love's parents' cat).

I got my first tattoo - love it (a few hours old here, I guess)!

We went to Atlanta, GA to listen to Missy Higgins, Justin Nozuka and Lenka (doesn't say on the sign though). Amazingly good..and Higgins started off singing "Nightminds". Mmm.


We did some day trips out in the nature.

Celebrated St. Patrick's Day at an Irish Pub downtown.

I got into a scrapbook period and made an album about our time in Denmark, fall 2008.

I (or the several hair dressers) worked on getting my hair back to blond from almost black. Think I spent at least 8 hours - two different days, and turned out to be a red-hair-girl...

We hung out at Barnes & Noble alot. Love it and of course with Starbucks coffee beside us.


I finally got the chance to play some adventures mini golf.

We did a road trip to Florida and the Keys. Amazing and warm weather in April. Yeah and we got some crazy stories to tell people for the rest of our lives.
We hung out in Key West one day. It was freaking hot..

I had to leave the States and I spent one of my first days in Sweden in the archipelago..not as warm as in Florida.

I spent (as usual) the last day of April in Uppsala, Sweden. A crazy but really fun day. (Still red hair as you can see..yes, this is a long process).


First of May was a pretty warm day to be in Sweden. We (as my brother, my hopefully soon to be sister in law and my cousin) hung out in Uppsala, Sweden.

I pre-celebrated (or was it post-celebrated?) my b-day by having a picnic with my sister and some friends. Went out to dance later on in the evening and caught up with some more friends.

My love came to Sweden on my b-day and stayed for about a week. An amazing and the best ever b-day gift!


Celebrated 6th of June in Norrköping, Sweden (The Swedish National Day).

Celebrated my cousin, and later on another friend, who graduated from high school. It's a pretty big celebration in Sweden with a bunch of traditions. So much fun!

Celebrated Midsummer in the country with a bunch of Americans.

Spent some really warm days in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and showed the American group around.

My love had come a few days before Midsummer and we went on vacation to Denmark (Copenhagen and Odense) to visit some friends we got to know when we lived there for some months.


We spent a week in the Swedish archipelago.

We went, together with my parents, to Skåne (southern part of Sweden) to visit my aunt and uncle. This picture is their neighbors' farm.

We visited Sofiero Palace and Gardens in Helsingborg (still in Skåne, pretty close to my aunt and uncle).

Met some friends of mine in Gothenburg, Sweden (on the west coast). Yummy dinner and awesome company!

We were also invited to celebrate, with my friends from school, a friend's b-day. Still in Gothenburg but with another group of friends.


We flew together back to the States and spent some time at the beach in NC. LOVED IT...

..and it included several restaurant visits with my love's family.

We had fika with J at our favorite café (when it's not Starbucks..hee hee).

I finally made it to Chimney Rock (it got canceled in 2006 because of a bad t-storm). The flag is half way up since senator Ted Kennedy passed away around that day.

The Goombay Festival was taking place in Asheville with crazy people, yummy greasy food and awesome music (drums) - an African Festival. I was melting away that day, so warm...

end of part one.


the summary is taking forever. meh. need to finish it another day since i have to get up early for "work" (my internship) tomorrow morning. but, i'm working on it. plenty of pics.

good night.

a new year

haven't really been active here this year. guess (obviously) other stuff has come in between. anyway. the end of the year was awesome! cozy christmas and the most important, my love and i got married!!! we spent new years in uppsala where my brother and his girlfirend live. lots of fun. thinking of making a summary of 2009. hmm. gonna work on that now and hopefully post it later on. yep.

by the way (as you hopefully already have noticed) a new design is here and i hope my blog is gonna be more up to date now on what's going on in my life.

so long!