so i had a successful shopping friday afternoon - found a tank and some shiny leggings i wanted. yay. it's sunday = study sunday for me. saturdays are usually my study free day so i better do a good job today. my test is coming closer (friday the 5th). no panic AND it's my last regular test in life (as far as i know), but at least during this education period. it's crazy. my graduation from university is 4th of june. woo hoo.

it's the last day of february today so happy names-day all marias.
gonna start to study some now.


and i like it. will very soon go downtown and do some (hopefully successful) shopping and fika with a friend. that's my plans for now. like that too. got some e-mails with pics last night from my love and i just love to get pic-updates every now and then! another thing i love is when my love is having a shopping day and bying stuff for me too. mmm. 100 shopping points to her! a summer hat and a t-shirt is waiting for me. me like.

one of the pic-updates from yesterday. our amazing cat, enjoying life. she's cool.

gotta go downtown. ciao.


it's thursday and i'm gonna "work" night shift. it's getting closer to the end of my internship. only two weeks left which is crazy. gonna miss everyone there..

i'm in a shopping mood and want some new clothes. haven't been shopping for a looooong time now (about two months, i think. it's a record.) gonna celebrate my friend, m who's turning 25, in two weeks and we're gonna have a reunion with all the girls from school. yay! but i want new clothes to wear then..thinking of going downtown on saturday and see if there's any cool stuff out in the stores now. any ideas?

now: early lunch and some relaxing time. 

summer, i'm dreaming of you.

summer 2009 in sweden

i'm finally done with my new blog design. phu, it took me forever. anyway. today is a day when i want summer 2010 so badly. my goal is june. i've (hopefully) graduated from the university. i'm free (that's how i choose to see it - no books that i have to read, no papers to write and so on), i'm gonna spend the rest of my life with my wife (we're having a long-distance marriage now since she's working in the states and i'm finishing school here in sweden). but we have so many amazing plans for this summer and i can't wait! summer, i'm dreaming of you.

workin' on it..

yes. working on to change my design here. but i'm not feeling good and my brain is therefore not cooperating with me (it feels like). anyway, will probably finish the changes soon, but not tonight.

bed, here i come!


if i change layout on my blog from dark to something more light and "happy".. will that change how i feel inside of me? wish life was that easy. thousends of thoughts in my head and nothing will come out in words. good job lina.


it's dark outside and i think it's cozy to sit here in the library at school. it's so quite and students are studying and inspireing me, big time. had a meeting with my favorite teacher about my final paper and it feels good. have gotten some ideas and new thoughts about it all. gonna be great, i think. can't wait to start with everything for 100%.

will soon go to the church (where i'm sleeping now), eat, take a shower and then head to some friends for wine, snacks and chat night. yay. will get some information tomorrow (about the final paper) and will then take the "short" train ride back to norrköping. hopefully no delays this time...

have a great rest of the day!

back in school

oh, yes and i love it. to just sit and listen to a good teacher talking about real experiences and cases. discuss problems/issues in the society with other students, learn new stuff and just be more of a student or at least a student in it's environment. the school. (sort understand what i mean, right?!). love it. it took me forever to get here since my first train was delayed so i missed my second train - the one and only during daytime and i had to go to another city with another train and then take a bus the last 2.5 hours = i arrived in the middle of the night and about 2 hours late. anyway. i made it and i'm here and enjoying my time.
sitting in the library now and just saw a teacher i've wanted to talked to (discuss my plans for my final paper). he's my favorite one and i asked if he had some time to talk with me. so i'll see him tomorrow after school. yay. 5 points for good timing. gonna write on some paper now. hope it's a good writing day. feeling kind of tired after a whole pretty long school day.


crazy coming week, starting today.

so it's gonna be crazy the coming days. gonna "work" night now (sunday - monday) which means that i'll be at "work" around 1.30pmish today. "work" until 11pm, sleep there, start again at 7am (monday morning), get off around noon since i'm heading to östersund - up north in sweden (about an 8 hours ride on the train). will arrive there late monday evening. classes tuesday, wednesday and then a lecture about my coming paper on thursday. head back to norrköping on thursday afternoon/evening (again, an 8 hours train ride). "work" friday and then it's weekend. phu. the funny/crazy thing is that i'm almost gonna do the same thing the week after this coming one. help. i want summer and time off.

think positive.

it's friday and i'm off from "work". so..guess what i'm doing?! hee hee. right. drinking coffee. listening to music and will start to study soon. what else to do. yeah. mom is baking bread. yummy (hopefully, she's trying a new kind). but i loooove the smell in the house. mmm. by the way. i have a new profile pic everywhere. needed some changes. yep.

this is good music (link).

think positive and fight, fight, fight!


i just don't know what to do sometimes. there are so many thoughts in my head but i don't know how to process them all. it's just a mess. it's like that tonight. i can't focus on anything. trying to finish another paper. but i suck, seriously. i can't focus. thinking of watching a movie. but can't decide which one so i'm just sitting, doing nothing. can't decide which music i wanna listen to. ane brun, edith södertröm, asha ali? once i've decided my computer is screwed. MEH. i have to complain because i just don't know what to do with myself tonight.

pic update

how it looks outside right now.

a swedish "snow day"?! [+ update]

i can compare the states and sweden in many ways - positive and less positive stuff. since i'm spending some time in the southern part of the states and sweden is a country up in the makes it even more interesting sometimes. like "snow days". it can snow alot in the southern part of the states (close to the mountains) but they don't have specific kind of wheels for their cars or tractors/trucks that are taking the snow away from the roads like we have - not what i've seen or experienced at least. the schools have to close or the teacher have an "optional workday" or an "annual leave day" (where everyone is off). anyway..

i was standing this morning, waiting for the tram to come in a sort of snow storm. gaah. it was really crappy - windy and plenty of snow everywhere. i was supposed to take a tram ride for about 25 min, pass downtown and attend a school study visit. well..the tram didn't show up on time, made it too late for me and i made a decision to go back home and take my own personal "snow day" as the nowadays half-american i am. hee hee. i'm actually writing on a paper (do i do anything else in school nowadays?) but also drinking coffee and lstening to music. me like.

gonna try go to downtown to the afternoon informations instead. oh, well. even though i feel a little bit guilt to take a "personal snow day" (even though it was hard for me to go downtown because of the non-existing tram), i like this day so far. i'm learning a crap load of new stuff, which i love. can i study for the rest of my life? think i will but in my own way..and work some in between, of course

ok. back to research for my paper. hope you're all having a good snowy day (if there's snow where you are) otherwise, a good day!


i'm home during the afternoon too. there was no way i could manage to go downtown. pics will be posted very soon.

i want summer.


it's snowing like crazy and i want summer...hmpf.

b-day party.

Mom mom turned one year older last Saturday.
The weekend has been full of b-day celebrations.

Back to reality (gonna work on three papers today).