Hey Summer!


yes. it's tomorrow i'm goin' go to the airport and pick up my love. amazing!

gonna wake up at 3AM (yes, AM!) and will leave a little bit before 4. gaaaah. but it's worth it, big time!

have cleaned some today (helped my grandparents), done some errands, met E - walked and then had some fika and then my last minute decision - i have cut my hair. it looks pretty different but i love it! woo hoo. (pics later on, perhaps tomorrow).

so i'm gonna "watch"/track my love's flight now. make sure that they are leaving newark on correct time and then go to bed and sleep for (hopefully) about 3 hours before it's time to wake up and get ready to leave.

can't belive the day is here, finally!!!

over and out.

ps. yes, i am in love and it's the best feeling ever!

My Cousin's Graduation!

I celebrated my cousin Julia's graduation last Thursday...This is how we celebrate students who have graduated from High School in Sweden. Julia studied a music program.

Sunday evening

The week is soon over! (if you count in the Swedish way...hee hee)

I have been cleaning some today and my dad has worked on my computer - awesome! It has been crappy for a while, probably because of some virus and extra stuff downloaded which i don't need. Anyway, seems to work waaaaay much better now. Yay. 10 points to dad! Yeah.

Gonna babysit my youngest niece and her brother for a while tomorrow. Cozy and fun. Their older sister is going to the dentist with her mom (my sister). I really love to spend time with them, see how the grow and how much they are exploring the world. That's life! 

Have been, as I've earlier mentioned here, been to alot of parties (graduations and stuff). Will post some pics from some of the parties tomorrow. Goin' to bed pretty soon, or that's my plan at least. 

Less than 2.5 days now. Can't wait and I'm pretty busy the coming days too. 

monday babysit my nephew and my youngest niece, organize some at home, write some packing lists..

tuesday clean at my grandparents', pick up some things at the Tourist Center, spend some time with my friend E

wednesday leave for the airport EARLY in the morning (around 4AM) and pick up my love!!!

thursday pack and then leave for the place where we're gonna celebrate Midsummer

friday Midsummer!

yep. that's it for now.
hope you all had a great weekend!

b-days, graduations and summer break cermonies...

yes. that's what i'm filling this week with.

- two people i know are turning 50 around these days so i was attending their b-day party yesterday. so much fun!

- my cousin is graduating from high school tomorrow. party.

- my niece, nephew, and their stepsisters are having summer break cermonies on friday so we're invited to eat cake and stuff at their house.

- a friend i've known his whole life is graduation from high school on friday. party.

yeah. a lot of parties.

AND it's less than a week now!!! i am counting down. big time.


Seriously? Lina...come on.

Don't know what to do with myself. Can't focus, can't concentrate...can't do anything. Just beeing and that's when I get stuck. BIG TIME.


Playing the Harmonica by Dave Oliver

Bought a book with an including harmonica some months ago in the States and I'm today trying really hard to be able to play one hole/tune at a time. It. Is. Hard. Very. Hard. Kind of frustrating too. But I wanna be good at it. Be able to improvise and play whenever to whichever song. Gaaah. Would be amazing. So I am today trying. Which is funny since it's one of the days where everything is wrong. I am wrong/boring/sad and the day is like a "life-sort-of-sucks-day". Yeah. I'm not fun to deal with at all and I'm also spreading my mood to the closest ones to me. 5 points. So you all dear ones who're reading this and have been dealing with me today. I'm sorry. Gonna wake up on the better side tomorrow. My goal is to focus on good things in life and not get stuck in my head with old disorder CRAP. 10 points to me for positive thinking. Gotta go back and read this in about 5 min (when I have thrown my harmonica across the room for the seventh time - kidding...it's not that bad, yet). Seen some lessons on youtube...might check that out later on. Unless I'm deciding to give up for today and play The Sims 3 instead. Tempting.

A dream to be able to play like that. Love the song too. She's so talented...

Monday, early morning..

...and I can't sleep which is REALLY crappy since I badly need it! Meh. Thinking about different things I could do..but not in the mood for something specific or anything actually. Meh #2.

* read a book? (can't concentrate)

* send some e-mails (too early - doesn't look good if the person looks on the time, yes...I'm thinking about these kind of things)

* write on my blog (doing that now...then what?)

* listen to music? (will make me depressed right now - many songs - many memories)

* look outside (done that and yes, the sunrise was nice!)

* write in my journal (not in the mood for it AT ALL)

* read the news (check)

* play the guitar (too early...will wake up my parents then...)

* play the sims 3 (hmmm...gonna think some more about it, i mean...is it a really good idea to get stuck already at 05:34 AM when i sort of have the rest of the day playin' it??!)

life is hard, sometimes...or not. i'm just screwed. good job Lina. i just lost at least 100p. (but probably worth it though).


Will I become a "nerd"?

Bought The Sims 3 yesterday and so far I love it! (Haven't played it THAT much yet though). But it's good entertaining now when school is over and boring-weather-days are filling the weeks..

pics from thesims3.com

lazy summer days

well the weather is pretty cold. but lazy days and no school. looooove it.

summer break!

was a crazy last week when i finished 3 classes. phu. but it's over and i've summer break from school now. woo hoo! at least 10 points to me. yeah.

so it's the 5th of june. i'm counting days until my love is here. 12 days left. can't wait.

have worked on plenty of different visa forms the two latest days...just waiting for the organization to send me their application forms now. meh. almost done everything what i can do, so far. but, i'm sure everything will turn out fine. not gonna get stressed out. ok, Lina?!

thinking of to change some design here...don't know what though (and i suck to work with the codes). anyway..will see what happends.

will for sure update more often now.

i'll be back soon! very soon.