I'm upset.


yay...sounds great. but i actually have my reason. stupid organization that's gonna help me with my visa. gaaaaah. so slow and not doing their job and i'm paying them. hmpf. everything is gonna be delayed (i'm gonna miss fun stuff) because of other people, who are not doing what they are supposed to do.
hate it.


i suck.

The archipelago

We spent yesterday afternoon and last night in the archipelago (Arkösund) visiting my sister, her fiance and their kid on their boat. I LOVE IT.

Enjoy a short tour of the harbor!

Videos from our vacation in Skåne/Denmark! [# 3/3]

We went by train and ferry to Copenhagen in Denmark!

Videos from our vacation in Skåne/Denmark! [# 2/3]

We went to Sofiero [ http://www.sofiero.helsingborg.se] (the link system did not work) and checked that out and of course filmed some...

Videos from our vacation in Skåne/Denmark! [# 1/3]

We have been to Skåne to visit my aunt who lives pretty close to the beach. I know...we are crazy, but enjoy!

Some crazy video updates..

Oh, yeah. Gothenburg!

Love to be here.

The sun is shining and it's gonna be around 25/80 today. Woo hoo.
Gonna speend some time downtown with some friends and later on dinner with almost the whole gang. YAY.

Hope you're having a good day.
Take Care!


Heading west tomorrow!!! I am excited to see friends I haven't seen in a very very (too long) time..



Some good plans today!


- some b-day present shopping
- fika with a friend and also get some information about her job (related to social work)
- another fika with one/two other friends I haven't seen in a while

AND we might make some videos to post on our blogs for all you Americans (and other ones, of course) to hopefully enjoy!

So...time to soon get ready.

Joline [update]

We are babysittin' my youngest niece, soon 8 months. Looooove it!

Pics later on.

[update - pics]


Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking or if they are thinking at all...

It's all weird and crazy. Yeah.

By the way, I'm back in town after spending some time in the archipelago. Love the nature but it feels good to be back to city life again.

By the way, I'm stuck and will never be free. Or what is freedom? Or do I want to be free...or am I free? Confusing, I know. But I am a confused girl. 10 points to me. Perhaps I am thinking too much and then I'm back to the beginning of this post about thoughts. Although, I prefer to think than to not think at all. 

I am stupid. Rehab, perhaps?

missing my long hair. badly.