woo hoo!

My love will come and pick me up in about one hour.
Then road trip to Atlanta, GA
Concert tonight.
Stay one night in Atlanta
Visit IKEA

Missy Higgins in Atlanta, GA

My love and I are going to Atlanta in Georgia today.

Gonna see Missy Higgins live in concert.

I am so excited!


in the end of february.
it's so warm outside.
but the rate is really, really crappy...meh.
thursday afternoon and my love will soon be home!

good morning!

woke up early.
took a shower.
got dressed and here I am reday to face the day..

..and it's only about 9:10 AM

have finished all the deadlines in school for this week. awesome.

gonna go to a church today and play the PIANO. can't wait. i am so excited about it. miss it so much. then grey's anatomy and private practice at m & j's. yay.

i want to play in a band...or sing in a band. would be awesome. by the way. i'm gonna fix my hair. back to blond again..if it will work out. i'm so dark now..don't know when yet.

summer memories

so much fun.
a warm summer night.
plenty of people were gathered. music.
we were jumping in the dark from boat to boat.
mmm. summer memories.

I've done something, part II

on tv


The King, the Crown Princess Victoria, Daniel and the Queen!

Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Fettisdagen

In Sweden we eat: Semlor

In the States you eat pancakes:

Later: Eat pancakes. J and D are coming too so it will be 4 of us (perhaps 5?).
Now: Work on some practical things for coming semester and then school work until afternoon.

Facts about Mardi Gras (in English) and the swedish version - Fettisdagen (in English).

Congratulations Victoria and Daniel!

So after have read several newspapers (Dagens Nyheter, Norrköpings Tidningar, Expressen and Aftonbladet) on the Internet..I've for sure found out that the Swedish crown princess Victoria Bernadotte and her (from today) fiance Daniel Wrestling are engaged! Summer 2010 our coming queen is getting married with her love.

picture from dn.se

To read more about the Swedish Royal Family, use this link (in English).

the weekend

-Spent time at home and watched movies

- Cozy and relaxing morning
- It was a beautiful day!

- Spent time with L and J
- Lunch at T.G.I Friday's (we got one free meal from a lady who just left the restaurant...so nice of her!)

Me at T.G.I Friday's

- Went to Target (spent a couple of hours there..hee hee.)

- Bought hair colors

"Me, L and J"

- Colored our hairs and ate pizza

The color change was really successful for L and J. NOT for me...I wanted to get my hair lighter (therefore I chose the color to the very left since I am really dark nowadays. I ended up with the same hair color. Meh. But the other girls..WOW.

L's hair before - after

J's hair before - after

Saturday's conversation with the waitress at Friday's:
J: Do you watch American idol?
Waitress: I don't watch it, it watches me!

Then she explained that she always fall asleep while the show is on etc. Laughed so hard and she was the most funniest waitress I have ever experienced and that was only one thing or joke of all she entertained us with...

- Finished my paper and sent it in to the teacher
- Went to church
- Printed stuff out and scanned some things at M and J's
- Went back home to Asheville and relaxed
- Did some scrapbooking and watched The Oscars on TV...

...and so did Kitty!

blond hair?!

I think I want blond hair again...like this sort of...

stole the picture from lookbook.nu

Love ya´

Thursday nights

This is how Thursday nights usually looks like. That's when we go to our friends and watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice! Don't know though how it will be today. Might stay home and watch it. We'll see.


♥ I got my international driver license yesterday..which means I'm nowadays legally able to drive around here in the States. Woo hoo!

♥ I know where I'm gonna do my intern ship next semester.

♥ My new piercing does not hurt that much (just when I'm touching/cleaning it)

♥ We are probably going to The Thirsty Monk tonight (a great place with great beer)

♥ I've been writing some letters to send. Yes, you read right - snail mail!

♥ I've gotten my last book for school...have all the books now for every class.

♥ I have a new project...will come back later with further information about it.

♥ I like the classes I'm taking this spring.

♥ I am deeply in love.


I am gonna see Missy Higgins next Friday in Atlanta, GA.

Can't be better. Life.

I've done something...


it's all pink...

not my earring though [white gold]!

today's outfit

jeans - only
t- target

shoes - white converse
sweater - ?

I miss her



I know, I know...been writing alot about Starbucks. But it's something about this picture that I love.

Having a wonderful weekend. Been to the movies twice (Friday the 13th and Confessions of a shopaholic). Me like. My love has done some shopping...and now we're just relaxing at home. That's how a Sunday should be like. Yeah. Probably need to do some grocery shopping later on.

♥ Have taken a long shower
♥ Drinking Starbucks coffee with hazelnut creamer. Yummy!
♥ Listening to music (katy Ray)
♥ My love called me!

Will soon begin to study some more. Have just read a little today (though I worked pretty hard yesterday). Slept pretty long this morning (I usually go up when my love leaves for work)..but I spent most of the night dreaming nightmares. Meh. So I deserved the long sleep.

Plans for today: Study - write papers, work on a personal letter that I'm gonna give to the intern ship places, go to J and M - watch Grey's Anatomy and then Private Practice (which is sort of related to Grey's Anatomy).

The weekend: A lot of movies and go out and eat (don't know where yet)!  Probably gonna watch Friday the 13th (tomorrow, of course) and then Confessions of a Shopaholic.

The latest movies we have seen...

He's Just Not That Into You

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Four Christmases

Marley & Me

Jag tävlar!

För första gången i mitt liv tävlar jag utifrån en blogg - Engla's Showroom tillsammans med Airtours lottar ut en weekendresa för 2 värde 10 000:- och 24 andra vinnare får presentkort på 500:-

Jag och min älskade skulle vilja åka på en weekendresa till Paris - kärlekens stad och vem vet, kanske fira något alldeles särskilt!

study study study

my desk when I'm doing school work

♥ my folders I got from my love  - three classes, three folders ♥

my box from IKEA and where I keep almost all the school stuff


The sun is out and it's 66°/18°.
Wow. What am I doin' inside?
Gaaah. But have to study...

We bought some books the other day that we are reading together.

Info/pic here.


Info/pic here.

Biltmore Estate

About 5 min from our apartment is the largest privately owned home in the US! It's a 250-room mansion featured 33 family and guest bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, 65 fireplaces, 3 kitchens, an indoor swimminpool, gym, a bowling alley and so on and so on and so on....George Washington Vanderbilt III welcomed family and friends to Biltmore Estate on Christmas Eve in 1895.

I love it and guess who has a 12 month pass now. YAY! They always have different decorations according to season and different tours etc. Think I'll never get tired of that mansion. So much to see, so much history and amazing things to look at.

To find out more read here (Wikipedia in English), here (Wikipedia in Swedish, short version) or here (their website).

The view from the house...



The stable is a restaurant now..really tasty veggie burgers..

Me reading about the history/Vanderbilt family...


smokey mountains

love the nature here
it's amazing


...fills my heart and soul with warmth.

snow day/optional work day/shopping music stuff..

my love was off from work since it snowed wednesday. yay. cozy day at home! yesterday was an optional work day for the teachers so I went to the high school where my love works. other than that: been studying. drinking mocha frappuccino (looooooove it!), been shopping, watched grey's anatomy last night... tonight the movies and then thirsty monk. woo hoo! 

by the way..I bought a hormonica yesterday. here we go. poor neighbors and my love [see picture below].



working hard and sitting there because I took her desk...


special edu classroom


tryin' to learn..

detailed pics

some more detailed pics...


our black 'n white-pic-wall

love it

some of my bracelets - my parents always give me a bracelet on their travels... (for example Turkey, Greece, Tunisia)

some of my necklaces

well back to school work. hoping the snow storm will come to Asheville so my love can come home earlier and be off tomorrow..hee hee. by the way. starbucks mocha frappuccino bought at a regular grocery store...mmm. YUMMY!

ok. school book, here i come.

Atlanta, GA