Last of April

Uppsala, here I come!!!

Need it so much.

one of my favorites

Love the intro..

Today is my dad's b-day and he got the best gift ever - his eye is better so he can walk straight up now. He's happy and I'm am so relieved and happy too.

HAPPY B-DAY DAD, I love you!


I haven't listend to music for about 5 days. It was quite (from music) in the car on our way to the airport last Thursday. We remebered last time we had to seperate for weeks and we listend to music which made us even more last Thursday we didn't feel like to listen to anything and I haven't listend since the days before Thursday until right now.

Lenka is the only artist I can listen to and that's pretty weird...'cause I have so many memories from the States and the time with my love. We saw her live in Atlanta and almost every single time we drove somewhere Lenka was playin'. Love it. 

pic from here

A mix of different feelings right now. I'm sad because I'm not with the person I love. I have awesome memories from different situations and times in the States with this music. Plenty of road trips for example or just hanin' out in the apartmen. We are singing along with almost every song or at least our favorites. I don't remember some parts but my knows it deeply by heart. I know exactly when the drums are starting or when some specific words are changing. I'm picturing a deep blue dark sky with plenty of stars...I have some moves I just have to do every single time I'm listening to one specific song..I'm crying bacause I'm so thankful for all the love I recieve every day and for how blessed I am.

Have been in contact with several people today and made fun plans, me like. Need it. Badly.

The first days in Sweden..

I've been back in Sweden for some days now and the country is showing the best side. The sun is shining and it's pretty warm out. Not exactly as it has been at home in NC.

Been spending some time outside, played with my nieces and nephew, hugged family members, been driving the car a lot, been shopping some and now I've got to get back to some study-routines. Meh.

Missing my love so thankful for msn/skype and webcam!

2 days left until I'm heading for Uppsala and the celebration of the last of April/beginning of May. Woo hoo! Gonna be so much fun!

some pics.

Sis driving, on out way to the archipelago

Niece #1

Niece #2

The archipelago where my sister and her boyfriend have their boat

over and out.


one week ago: key west
today: organizing and packing

sounds fun, right?!

so only today and tomorrow until i'm leaving for Sweden...i am so sad and my soul is crying.
don't wanna leave the States, my love.

7 weeks feels like forever (until my love comes to Sweden). anyway. my point is: i will either be busy packing, and spending time with my love or be on my way back to Sweden. so sorry about the bad updates the coming days. it will be better once i'm back in Sweden (this coming friday).

will do some errands, say goodbye to some friends, do some shopping and eat dinner during the rest of today.
tomorrow just spend time with my love and the day after tomorrow, i'm heading back.

see ya´.


Have had an awesome AND adventurous time in the south. HOT weather, sunny and clear blue sky, palm trees all over and warm clear water. Yay. We decided to not go home until yesterday and took a detour instead too. Me like.

some pics. [don't copy without asking me]

Cocoa Beach, FL - our first real stop in Florida

Miami, FL

Downtown Miami, FL

The Keys (Can't remember which Key since we "just stopped there")

Key West, FL

Key West

Key West

Key West, FL

over and out.

Happy Easter and I'm taking a break!

pics from here and here

I am leaving for the Florida Keys now!
Will be back next Friday.

See ya´ then, I hope!


yes, please.

2 days left!

can't wait.

will go to my love's parents' today to pack some and clean inside the car. perhaps gonna start to pack some clothes too. hmm. will see.

gonna be awesome to wear summer clothes. flip flops/sandals, shorts/skirts, bikini...sunglasses and just relax in warm sand surrounded by palm trees on wonderful and amazing beaches. it's one of my dreams. can't believe it. 

so this is the way we will drive.

for you, my love.

drinking coffee,
eating some chocolate,
listening to lenka,
and studying.

thirsty monk or jack of the wood tonight. woo hoo!

blaaaah, plans & craziness...

crappy thoughts. hate them. yes, even if i'm not that sick anymore, i still have my days and some of the thoughts. hate it.


i'm NOT gonna get stuck and they are not gonna ruin the rest of the day!

haven't been procuctive at all today. good job Lina. hmpf. but made some packing lists and organized a list of things we have to do before we're goin' south.
5 points.

so...just because you are so curiuos, here it is:

tue relax, eat dinner at home, just be..
wed study A LOT, thirsty monk with L and D during the evening
thu make sure all clothes are clean, go and change car with L's parents (they had L's car during some days to make sure everything is fine for our know fix with the oil and stuff i don't have a clue about/time to do/want to do, neither my love...sort of), clean the car, watch grey's anatomy at j & m's?
fri do grocery shopping - buy all the food we're gonna bring, and road trip candy/snacks (i added that to our list) - YAY!
sat morning start our road trip to Florida and The Keys!

it's snowing (not staying on ground) but it's gonna be 57°F/ 14°C tomorrow and thursday: 68°F/20°C. so i am calm. we will be around Jacksonville, Florida (or more south), on saturday afternoon or evening and it's gonna be 84°F/ 29°C then. yay. ok. that's enough of weather talk. haha.

texted my love to bring some chai latte from starbucks back home . yes, i'm stuck. i love it. got one text back: sounds great...

woo hoo.

l o v e.


a new week.
and only 5 days left to the keys. y e a h.

has been a crazy (warm and sunny, up to 81/27 degrees) weekend again. love it. done some shopping, shopping and shopping. been to starbucks. had a bbq. done some road trips. played fantasy golf. been on the name it.

thought i was going to die (or sort of) earlier this morning. fire i went downstairs and talked to the people in the office and they calmed me down. they did some testings. phu. i hate testings.

the sun is shining but it's windy - can clearly here it. has been so nice and warm but i might snow tomorrow. meh. crazy and weird. but it will turn warmer again in just a few days so it's fine.

gonna study some more now and i'm thinkin' about to start to redesign some clothes. will see. kind of in the mood for it.

Happy B-day!

My nephew is turning seven today!

some shopping..

Missing Photoshop...I'm back to crappy other programs since my test period of Photoshop is over. Crap. Sorry about that...will work on it.

a day at an american high school

YES. . .

I spent my Friday at an american high school. So much fun. So much laughter. Many funny and amazing conversations. Explored and discussed differences and so much more... Yes, it sort of looked like what you see in typical american high school movies. Can't wait for my internship.

april 2nd

makin' some plans now for my coming time in sweden.. (but i still really don't wanna leave the states) bought and checked some tickets today. may is gonna be a busy month which is good in many ways. (so i not will become a depressed or a too sad girl). feels pretty good, even though i want to share every week, every day, every hour, every minute and every second with my love. 

why is the world so unfair sometimes? it sucks. why can't the love be totally free? or it is, but the laws and rules are stopping it. crap.

thinking about to take a shower, get dressed and then study some. yeah. about time for that.

ciao ciao

cravings & good news!

i need starbucks coffee right now.

or their chai tea.

AND we've gotten some awesome news today. i like sweden.

pic from here


i am still here. just so many thoughts right now..hard to write.

went to jack of the wood (the pub) last night. was nice, but it's paying back today, i think. tired. going to the movies when my love is off from work. yay. gonna see duplicity (the new one with Julia Robets..). looking forward to it. i looooove to watch movies, specially with my love and at the movies.

don't want to leave the states..
but florida keys in 10 days!