hello monday, i like you.

. woke up late (i'm off today since i worked night shift last week, thursday/friday).

. talked with my love for some hours, i loooove it.

. ate a good and yummy breakfast with coffee (planning on to make some more coffee now).

. planned and organized in my calender with my coming BUSY weeks. think i sort of know my life now..

and i'm gonna start to study some now. read pp-presentations/lecture notes and read some articles. i'm actually excited about it all. it's so interesting!

now: make som more coffee, listen to music and read two english articles. yeah.
Zola, our cat on webcam early this morning.

Postat av: Liz

Love my Monday too! Perhaps it's because I started it in such an amazing way... =) 10 points for our Monday! Love you & talk to you soon. Awesome pic of Zola, too! PUSS!

2010-01-25 @ 19:53:59
URL: http://elre.blogg.se/
Postat av: Barb

It is cool that you are excited about your studies! "Adult learners" like things that have practical application in their lives. I think that is where you are at now. With your internship it sounds like things are coming together for you. Great!

2010-01-27 @ 09:04:55
Postat av: Lina

Liz: Yay! Love you! Kramar

Barb: You're so right! Things are really coming together and I love it!

2010-01-27 @ 17:26:15
URL: http://lmve.blogg.se/

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