a new year

haven't really been active here this year. guess (obviously) other stuff has come in between. anyway. the end of the year was awesome! cozy christmas and the most important, my love and i got married!!! we spent new years in uppsala where my brother and his girlfirend live. lots of fun. thinking of making a summary of 2009. hmm. gonna work on that now and hopefully post it later on. yep.

by the way (as you hopefully already have noticed) a new design is here and i hope my blog is gonna be more up to date now on what's going on in my life.

so long!

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Hey dear

I already said it to Liz: I am so so so happy for the two of you. I saw the pictures on her blog and the both of you looked so happy and beautiful.

All the best for your future

love Nicole

2010-01-05 @ 20:44:38

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