a new day, a new life.

i wrote a blog post earlier and it didn't work out to post it. blogg.se was screwed up, big time for me. now i know "why". i was not supposed to post the other one.
i was watching tv with my parents and a song was playing right before a program started and i loved it. after some research i found it and a new artist (for me - YAY!).

welcome to my life, nina simone. i love your music.

about feeling good, and as nina sings:

...It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good...

it's a positive way to face the day and to think about life in general. there are so many people who think too much in a negative way. what if they just could think of the new day as a new life with plenty of amazing opportunities to live life and feel good (or at least better than before).

try to think positive in life. all the negativity is just bringing you more and more deep down in the crap.

i've promised myself to not let people bring me down in darkness just because of their negativity. i'm gonna live life, because i know i have an amazing one and i'm feeling good because i'm focusing on what is positive!

Postat av: Liz

awesome blog post! love it, & i love you even more! i am so so so proud to be your wife!! PUSS!

2010-01-17 @ 02:55:39
URL: http://elre.blogg.se/
Postat av: Cicci

Åh, har den låten som ett ständigt inslag på mp3'n. Det var samma sak för mig, när jag upptäckte henne. "Feeling good" var vinjetten till tv-serien Life's reklam när den började visas i Sverige. Sedan var jag fast :) Hon har gjort mycket bra, Simone.


2010-01-17 @ 21:05:46

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