it's dark outside and i think it's cozy to sit here in the library at school. it's so quite and students are studying and inspireing me, big time. had a meeting with my favorite teacher about my final paper and it feels good. have gotten some ideas and new thoughts about it all. gonna be great, i think. can't wait to start with everything for 100%.

will soon go to the church (where i'm sleeping now), eat, take a shower and then head to some friends for wine, snacks and chat night. yay. will get some information tomorrow (about the final paper) and will then take the "short" train ride back to norrköping. hopefully no delays this time...

have a great rest of the day!

Postat av: Liz

my love, i am so glad you have had a productive and good time returning to the "student life". you may feel inspired by your teachers and school, but you should know that you are inspiring me. can't wait till the day that i can visit östersund with you! love you so so so much. puss!

2010-02-11 @ 05:22:14

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