summer, i'm dreaming of you.

summer 2009 in sweden

i'm finally done with my new blog design. phu, it took me forever. anyway. today is a day when i want summer 2010 so badly. my goal is june. i've (hopefully) graduated from the university. i'm free (that's how i choose to see it - no books that i have to read, no papers to write and so on), i'm gonna spend the rest of my life with my wife (we're having a long-distance marriage now since she's working in the states and i'm finishing school here in sweden). but we have so many amazing plans for this summer and i can't wait! summer, i'm dreaming of you.

Postat av: Liz

Baby, your pictures are so beautiful! I love them. And I am holding on till June too! Can't wait! Love you so so much. Puss!

2010-02-24 @ 14:28:27

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