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i have a great passion in my life and it's about checking apartments on the internet that are for sale..sometimes i decide to "travel" to different cities like uppsala, helsingborg, norrköping and now göteborg...and i loooooove to see how they have renovated them and i'm getting plenty of ideas how i want our coming home to be. mmm. dreaming. my favorite (so far, which is on the market now) is an apartment in göteborg. (where all the pics are from) is the place to check apartments! i'm stuck and i love this one! have already moved in in my thoughts. the best is that my love has the same taste. yeah.

Postat av: Cicci

Var ligger lägenheten nånstans? Kan inte riktigt placera de stora, välvda fönsterpartierna... Kan bara hålla med om interiören. Mums!

2010-04-22 @ 21:52:16
Postat av: Lina

Cicci: Nära Heden :-) Västgötagatan 7, bra läge!! Ja, visst är den underbar..

2010-04-23 @ 08:58:16

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