saturday - pride

i really suck on planning a day so i can attend as many different exhibitions/workshops/discussions and so on as possibly. there were too many different interesting things at the same time so i had to choose. BUT when you are enjoying company, eating good fika and communicating with several cute kids, it's hard to leave and do other stuff. hehe. i've had fika for a couple of hours with some really inspiering women and their kids today. loved it and i totally know where my love and i can go every first saturday of the month to hang out with some amazing people. yes, that's how i think they are. cool. that was my early afternoon.

[after been doing some important shopping (a dress to wear at a wedding where i'm gonna sing and i was starting to get the running out of time stress finding one. it's now all set. phu)].

i got a little bit confused during later afternoon. watched a show/drama but realized later on that it was an improvisation mixed with drama and poetry. hmm. interesting. i was trying to be as much invisible as possible when they needed/wanted some poeple from the audience to enter the stage and i realized a future with acting is nothing for me. so i found out a good point in my life by this experience or aha-feeling. met later on a friend at the train station since she had a 30 min waiting time before her train was leaving for gothenburg. it was awesome seeing her again. i ate some dinner with my cousin who was joining me during the later afternoon/evening and we chatted for a while. we went after dinner to watch another drama which was really touching and made me think alot. they were pretty talanted and impressed me, big time. i thought it would be more people out attending the festival than it was... even though i might not have been where "all" the people were..hehe. anyway. a pretty good day and i'm glad this is happening in town. yeah.

Postat av: Viktor Löfgren (MP)

Hey Lina! Nice blog! Did you find more information about the blog-competition? :)

2010-04-25 @ 11:47:42
Postat av: Ida


jag kunde nog bara kommentera direkt.. har dock inte hört nåt alls sen dess så vet inte riktigt om det kommit fram som det ska men hoppas på det =)

2010-04-25 @ 14:18:25
Postat av: Lina

Viktor: Hej Viktor, trevligt att du tittade in här :-) Fick tag på en tjej som känner/vet om de människor bakom Pride-festivalen så jag har alla deras telefonnummer nu..hehe. Ska ringa imorn till någon av dem och fråga. Ha det fint!

2010-04-25 @ 19:53:37
Postat av: Ina

Hi Lina! Nice to meet you at the öppna förskolan, i´m glad you came back, då jag var lite sen pga arbetets sena pannkaksservering :)

I´m looking forward to meet your wife later on. Jag hittade dig via pride tävlingen så kanske du är med? hur det nu fungerar.

stor kram! Ina

2010-04-27 @ 13:09:51
Postat av: lukes

Skitfin header .D

2010-04-27 @ 13:26:36
Postat av: Maackyy

jag gillar din design :D

2010-04-27 @ 13:27:49
Postat av: Lina

Ina: Hej! Ja, det var verkligen trevligt att se öppna förskolan och att träffa dig och de andra där! Vi kommer definitivt att dyka upp framöver då vi är tillbaka i Sverige efter sommaren! Jag fick tag på Sofie som är ansvarig för tävlingen så nu är jag med och det har löst sig :-)Kramar!!

lukes: Tack så mycket!

Maackyy: Tack! Tack!

2010-04-27 @ 21:08:17

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